Member Terms and Conditions

How do I purchase an item?

Click on Buy to purchase the item. We request the following entries to process the order:

1. Email Address - To email the receipt

2. Address - To evaluate Sales, local, VAT, GST taxes

3. Payment information

Once the purchase is processed , it confirms the purchase and prompts you to download the file.

Where can I download a purchased item?

After the purchase is complete, you are prompted to download file. You can also download the file from your settings (Your Name) > Purchase History > Pick the item you want to download and click download

How can I submit a request for task or template?

You can submit a request in 3 methods

Search for templates and if you cannot find the template you are looking for on the search page, click Request on the top of the page

If you like a template and need help customizing and integrating it, you can submit a request to its developer by clicking Request

If you like a portfolio of a developer you can submit a request to describing your task by clicking "Hire Me"

1. Set the title for the request

2. Add detailed description for the template, analytics you are looking for. If you have image or reference item provide the link in description

3. Add technology and other tags to describe the request in "Search by tag"

4. Click Submit

What license does the license entail?

1. You may use the template for one end product or one client.

2. You may not sell or copy the templates to others

3. You agree to respect any and all copyrights that apply to the software