Member Terms and Conditions

What is Vizdrive?

Vizdrive is a marketplace connecting innovative, talented developers across the world to its customers to help them get jobs done.
We help developers across the world to:

  • Sell digital templates to millions of potential buyers on Vizdrive.
  • Get job requests from customers in areas of expertise
  • Get job requests from customers to customize and integrate your showcased templates as per their requirements.
  • Build your portfolio to showcase potential employers and get hired

We help customers to:
  • Buy creative digital templates and kickstart their project.
  • Hire developers based on their portfolio to accelerate their work.
  • Hire developers to customize and integrate their templates as per their requirements.
  • Get Bids from developers to accomplish your tasks.
How can I contact Vizdrive support?

Please email Our business hours are Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM PST. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

How are the featured items selected?

Featured items are selected from latest uploads every week by vizdrive experts. Please email for requesting a feature presentation.

How can I search for content items?

You can search for content items by providing the tags in the header search box. Provide - Content type, ex: Infographic, Technology: Ex: Excel, Powerpoint, CSS etc.

How can I share a content item in social media?

1. You can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn

2. Every content item can be shared on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn

3. Also you can comment on the content items and make recommendations. (You should be logged on to add comments)

How do I ask for a feature request?

Please email with Subject: Feature Request

How do I report a bug?

Please email with Subject: Bug. Please provide as many details as possible on the issue you are experiencing.

How do I report a copyright violation?

We take copyright violations very seriously. Please email with Subject: Copyright Violation