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Get job opportunities and hiring requests from recruiters from portfolios managed at Vizdrive


Access requests posted by customers at Vizdrive and chat with them on your availability. Build your portfolio from customer testimonials, recommendations and listings.


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Our goal is to be a medium to highlight your work and market them. You own your work and we do not hold any exclusivity.

Application Fee

Listing fees, Access to customer orders and other Vizdrive services are minimal of $5 per month. We charge a nominal fee for payment transactions through Vizdrive fee. 2.9% + 30c for payment processing, Payment transfer fee to seller account depending on seller's preference, 5% application fee.


Have direct connection with customer to customize your delivery, payment options to control your transaction.


Get comments and feedback from customers and experts on your listing.


  • We support payment methods through: Stripe, Paypal, Payoneer.
  • You can get instantaneous payments if you prefer Stripe integration. For Paypal and Payoneer you can request payout whenever transaction amount reaches $50.
  • Payment processing fees apply based on the choice of payment method.

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