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  • We support payment methods through: Stripe, Paypal, Payoneer.
  • You can get instantaneous payments if you prefer Stripe integration. For Paypal and Payoneer you can request payout whenever transaction amount reaches $50.
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  • Payment processing fees apply based on the choice of payment method.
Sale Type Service Fee (% of Payment Amount)
Template Pricing 30%
Service - Unverified Developer*

Developer with less than 3 templates and more than $500 customer transactions.

Service - Verified Developer*

Developer with more than 3 templates or more than $500 customer transactions.



Graphic Designs

Gorgeous, creative and unique graphic designs, inforgraphics, logo designs.

Data Analytics

Templates of strategic dashboards, tactical reports, advanced analytics, impactful visualizations to showcase metrics that matter from various analytic technologies

Website Designs

Creative, powerful, beautiful webpage designs to power your business and work


Explore impactful and informational powerpoint slides to help in telling your story better

Photo Editor

Get help from photo editors to create personal and business images perfect

Code Plugins

Plugins to add your websites, dashboards and reports to make them richer in connectivity to external apps

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