Member Terms and Conditions

How can I register as a seller?


1. If you are not a registered Vizdrive user, register first as a user. During registration, click "Seller"

2. If you a registered Vizdrive user, click on Add a listing on header. It prompts you to seller registration

Step2. Portfolio Information

1. Fill in a short description of your listing types the customer can understand in your portfolio.

2. Your skills and specialities for the customers to find you.

3. Your work experience to provide timeline for portfolio

4. Your approximate address for customers searching locally.

Step3. Payment Information

5. If you are available for support of your listings

6. Support cost if available (cost per hour)

Option 1. You can choose to store your payment information securely in Stripe to process payments immediately. Click on Save and Connect to Stripe

Option 2. You can choose to collect your payments quarterly with minimum balance more than $50. Provide your address and VAT ID. This is required for computing VAT and Sales, local taxes to help you file Sales, VAT taxes. If this is not provided, seller needs to compute the sales/VAT taxes. Click Finish Registration.

What are the steps to onboard a listing?

Step1. Make sure you are logged on as a registered seller.

Step2. Click on Add a listing on header to open the onboarding form.


a. Add Presentation images (any image format files)

b. Set the title of the content

c. Set the Price and Currency of sale

d. Add other necessary inputs like shipping and delivery information

e. Add description of the entry. Describe in detail as much as possible on the dimensions, interaction points of the content item.

f. If you want add any embed content source like video, add the src in the textbox below "Add embed source"

g. Add type of the content item

h. Add search tags for the content item. Make sure to add on content type, technology.

i. You are all set! Click on Publish to push the listing.

If you are experiencing issues publishing, you can send the content with all the information to We will process it for you.

How do I price an item?

The seller determines the price of the listing

What are customer orders?

This is a repository of customer orders for custom products and services.